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ʷ鳧鱷 鱷ʱʰ

Our Personalised Learning team offers support to all students who would benefit from a personalised approach to supporting them to optimise their educational potential.

This includes students with diverse learning and support needs, including those considered likely to achieve exceptional academic outcomes.

The team includes the Personalised Learning Leader, a number of Learning Support Teachers, Learning Support Officers and an Occupational Therapist. The team also works closely with the school counsellors, the Health Centre, House Leaders and Learning Mentors to provide a holistic and collaborative approach to supporting all students.

СʪƵ prides itself on its inclusivity and celebration of diversity.  ‘Learning diversity’ refers to the infinite variety of life experiences and attributes a child brings to their formal learning at school. 

The Personalised Learning team works in partnership with parents/carers, teachers, students and external support services, to ensure that students are supported to optimise their performance, and to achieve their social, spiritual, physical and academic goals.