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The season of Lent marks the beginning of our Term 1 fundraising through Caritas Australia’s annual Project Compassion appeal.

With your support, Caritas Australia can work with local communities around the world to end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.

We invite you to give generously by donating through the Project Compassion donation boxes in each Learning Mentor Group, or online by visiting our TryBooking page.

This video provides background to our Term 1 fundraising initiative.

At СʪƵ, we follow the motto Quae Supra Quaere – seek the things that are above. For our co-curricular program, that takes on many meanings.

We provide students with creative and competitive outlets that define a celebration of talent, skill, perseverance and fellowship.

In every form of expression and in every sport, we reach for the things that are above. We continually grow and meet new challenges. Side-by-side, we learn from every defeat, victory and breakthrough.

And, from within, we look beyond ourselves and our community to attain an understanding of society as a whole – not as passive observers but as active participants.

That’s Social Justice at СʪƵ. Students examine issues in both rural and urban areas, with opportunities to take part in initiatives that benefit society.

Our goal is to prepare students for life beyond the Assumption campus. Social Justice is integral to achieving this – instilling young thinkers and doers with a sense of community and societal responsibility.

The result? An engaging platform that fosters compassion, confidence and character.